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Hovering Target Shooting Game

Hovering Target Shooting Game

Kids and fun-loving adults alike will get some target practice without having mothers worrying about their safety. The Hovering Target Shooting Game is a unique target game that will provide hours of entertainment without leaving your house or hurting the neighbor's cat.

This innovative game uses vectored jets of air that suspend six foam ball targets in mid-air. Players, equipped with a colorful six-shot plastic dart gun, try to shoot the balls out of the jet stream. The barrel of the dart gun automatically rotates when the action slider is pulled back for quick and easy reloading. Don't worry moms; the dart gun can only be loaded with suction-cup tipped, foam darts.

Another feature players will enjoy about the Hovering Target Shooting Game is that they can adjust the height of each target using an air regulator knob. Also included on the target is a large bull's-eye for calibrating the sight on the dart gun. This fun gadget only requires four C batteries.

Become a sure shot with the Hovering Target Shooting Game.

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