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If you love music you will not want to miss out on some of these awesome audio gadgets. From devices to use with an MP3 player or iPod to portable gadgets that allow you to play music while running, swimming, or having a back yard party, there is something here for listeners, musicians, and music lovers.

Start a dance party anywhere with this cool little speaker that will fit in your palm. It's wireless, portable, and full of power.

From kids in the car to friends sharing music, if you want to share sound from an iPod, movie, or video game you need this device.

The Carmen Internet Radio for your car stores up to 45 hours of music from 42,000 different internet radio stations. Check it out.

These noise cancelling headphones are the latest and greatest in headphone technology. Comfortable and stylish they provide an excellent music experience
Be the center of attention at your next party and spin your own music with this DIY DJ System.
This gadget allow you to backup and transfer all of your old cassettes tapes directly to your PC or Mac.
By the pool or at a backyard barbeque this speaker allows you to listen to your favorite tunes without running any wires from inside
If you still have home videos stored away on VHS tapes you might want to get this innovative gadget to turn them into high definition DVDs
Whether its a long car ride or a long wait at the airport you will never be bored again when you can watch your favorite movies on this amazing little gadget that fits in your hand
Having trouble falling asleep at night then this is the device for you. With clinically proven calming sounds and music you will fall asleep peacefully
Whether its vinyl records or old cassette tapes that you have you can convert all of your favorite old music to an MP3 file for your iPod
This attractive speaker is wireless allowing you to listen to your TV without distrurbing others in the room. It has great sound and even comes with headphones.
Your iPod or MP3 music will sound great coming from this suprisingly small pop up capsule speaker with bass boost.
Make copies of your favorite music or home videos in half the time of your PC. This duplicator is fast and easy to use
Bust out your rock moves and musical talent wherever you happen to be. This shirt features a guitar that actually allows you to play.
Put these high tech slim glasses on and it is like watching a 52 inch widescreen movie theater.
This no ordinary visor. It has a 7in TV / DVD player and FM transmitter all built right in.
Keep your ears warm without having to give up your headphones. This beanie has built in speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes in the cold!
Do you enjoy music from around the world? Listen to over 13,000 stations on your computer with the Internet Radio device.
With the Bose Portable SoundDock you can listen to your favorite music right off your iPod and take it with you wherever you go.
Optimize your listening experience with the comfortable and stylish earbuds. These earphones drown out the noise around you and work great with any iPod or MP3 player.
Communicate with friends and family members wherever you go and never lose your walkie-talkies with these 2-Way Radios you wear like a watch.
These quality noise-cancellation headphones are great for creating your very own quiet place.
This great USB turntable spins your old vinyl records and allows you to record them into new digital music.

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