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Automatic Golf Tee

Automatic Golf Tee

Practice makes perfect, and with the Automatic Golf Tee you canpractice your golf swing over and over and over again. So what, yousay, I can do that on the driving range. But with the Automatic GolfTee your ball will be teed perfectly every time and you never have tochange your stance. This golf gadget holds up to 35 golf balls andwith the tap of a lever it will tee your ball for you. You canpractice chipping, driving or putting and you'll never have to loseyour footing or bend down to set up another ball.

The Automatic GolfTee doesn't even require a power source. To operate it all you need todo is lower the arm with your club and this gadget will lower anotherball right onto the tee. Built to be usable by both right andleft-handed golfers, the Automatic Golf Tee will give you hours ofpractice. Weighing only 2 pounds you can take it with you anywhere.

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