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Excalibur Bar Master Deluxe

Excalibur Bar Master Deluxe

Here's a handy bar gadget that can do anything a bartender can do. The Bar Master Deluxe is a clever little device that allows you to find any drink with the press of a button. This device will find almost any drink you or your friends could ask for by ingredient or alphabetically by name. Not sure how to make your favorite drink. The Bar Master Deluxe features a complete recipe for over 1,000 drinks. The recipe lists the ingredients, precise measurements for mixing the perfect drink, and even displays an image of the correct glass to use. Not only does the Bar Master Deluxe help you find the ultimate drink like a bartender, it has the personality of a bartender too. It includes mixing terms, bartender slang, and can name the perfect equipment and alcohol necessary for setting up your own bar. It also has built in bar jokes and toasts to use at any occasion. This gadget is simple to navigate and has a large easy-to-read screen, for those nights when you've mixed a couple too many drinks. And to top it off, sound effects allow you to enjoy the clink of the ice and the whir of a blender as you search for your drink.

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