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Beer Tender

Beer Tender

Whether you want to add a classy piece of equipment to your home bar or you love Heineken, this KRUPS BeerTender is a must-have bar gadget. The BeerTender is designed to chill your Heineken or Heineken Premium Light DraughtKeg and keep it at the proper temperature for a great tasting beer whenever you are feeling thirsty.

Although it works only with the Heinken DraughtKeg the simple design and sleek appearance will make the BeerTender a great gift for any beer lover. Equipped with a traditional tap handle and an internal carbonator the BeerTender is easy to use and looks great. Simply insert the keg into the machine, connect the draught tube, and let the keg cool. Within hours you'll hav perfectly chilled beer that will stay fresh for up to 30 days. The KRUPS BeerTender also features a large LED screen that displays how much beer is left as well as the temperature of the beer.

With its unique electronic cooling system and internal carbonator, the KRUPS BeerTender keeps beer cool, crisp, and fresh giving you the perfect pour and head of foam every time you want a beer. Whether a gift for the beer lover in your family or for yourself get the BeerTender today.

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