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Bug and Camera Detector

Bug and Camera Detector

It is becoming more and more common for people to be spied on at home and at work. To ensure absolute secrecy, the bugs and cameras being used are high-tech and wireless. It can be most unnerving to feel that every move one makes is being watched. As smart as the bugs and cameras are though, it is possible to outsmart them both and that is by using the Pro Bug and Camera Detector. They will pick up the signal from wireless hidden cameras and bugs wherever they are hidden.
This is done using technology called fuzzy scanning in combination with a digital signal filter. This makes it able to reduce the majority of false alarms coming from mobile phones and WiFi networks.

Using fuzzy scanning technology and a digital signal filter, this device will reduce most false alarms caused by cellular phones and WiFi networks. The detectors can detect bugs and cameras within a range of 50MHz to 6GHz. It indicated the strength of the signal it has detected be it weak, of medium strength or strong.

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