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CompuKidz Bilingual Toy Laptop Computer

CompuKidz Bilingual Toy Laptop Computer

Toys, toys, toys! That is all your children talk about. You don't mind buying them items for the holidays or their birthdays, but why can't some of these toys be more than just... well, a toy? When you look at the CompuKidz Bilingual Toy Laptop Computer, you have found that fun and educational item all in one!

On the CompuKidz Bilingual Toy Laptop Computer, you will find several different spelling games, math puzzles, songs and various educational activities. Great for kids starting at age 6, this gadget switches back and forth from English to Spanish with just the touch of a button, so learning a second language can begin at a very early age! Kids will hear how the word is pronounced, then see it written in both languagesGǪwhat a great learning tool!

The outer shell of this gadget is eye-catching from the start! With its vibrant and bright colored case, it will really stand out amongst all those dull toys on the shelf. Once opened, the great animated graphics on the LCD screen will keep the kids coming back for more and more learning fun!

With big buttons on the keyboard, little fingers won't have such a hard time finding just the letter, number or arrow they are looking for. With a fold down screen and built-in audio speaker, this gadget is highly portable and compact. With a carrying handle that locks, the CompuKidz Bilingual Toy Laptop Computer is really convenient!

This gadget measures at 12.75"X12.75"X2.5" and weighs 2.5 pounds. All of this educational fun runs on just 3 AA batteries. Even though it comes with a 90 day warranty, your kids won't ever want to send back this great (shhhhhGǪdon't tell them educational) toy!

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