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Easy to Use Amplified Cell Phone

Easy to Use Amplified Cell Phone

Each month, there are hundreds of new cell phone users; as more towers are built, the cell phone allows you to have phone coverage in areas you've never had access to before. They allow you to stay connected while you are traveling in your vehicle, or taking a walk in the park. They give you quick access to emergency services and they allow you to feel safe. They have become a very necessary part of our lives, because public phones are almost none existent. But if you have to contend with too many bells and whistles, they can be difficult to use. Are you among the many cell phone users who are longing for a simple ordinary phone? One that is simple to use and has speaker in the receiver that is loud enough for you to hear?

Well, we have the cell phone you have been searching for; the Amplified Cell Phone is just for you. It operates the same as a regular cell phone; however, the four buttons on the face of the phone are oversized. There is the red button to power it on and off and disconnect a call, and the green button to place a call and answer calls. There is also the up and down buttons to select the number you want to dial. There is an emergency button on the back, which will automatically alert up to five numbers and send out either a text message or place a call. The face of the phone slides up to reveal all of the standard type buttons.

The phone has a flashing orange LED, with easy to read numbers. It can be set on vibration for those times when you don't want to miss a call, but do not want it to ring. There are five volume settings and your incoming calls ring twenty decibels louder than ordinary phones. You can use the phone with any GSM phone system including AT&T and T-Mobile.

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