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Evolve Tulip Showerhead

Evolve Tulip Showerhead

Take a shower like a champ and feel good about the environment at the same time with the Evolve Tulip Maximum-Flow, Eco-Friendly Showerhead. This specially designed showerhead has a special temperature gauge that helps save water without affecting the water flow during the shower. It is designed to save the hot water that is typically wasted before getting into a shower that is heating up. When the water gets hot enough, the technology built into the showerhead automatically cuts the flow of water to a trickle. You can wait as long as you want before hopping into the shower and turning the valve back to the hot waterfall cascade you were dreaming about stepping into. Brush your teeth, take the trash out or feed the dogs, but don't worry about wasting water! After each shower cycle, the technology automatically resets itself.

The showerhead goes for around $80, but in a few years the cost becomes justified with all the water you save. Choose from one of five spray patterns G

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