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Food Storage Chamber

Food Storage Chamber

In most kitchens at home and in restaurants, the norm is to simply pop the left-overs in a bowl or dish and preserve them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for future use. The Food Preserving Storage Chamber is a must-have kitchen device that can preserve food in the best possible form and for longer than some of the most technologically advanced refrigerators.

This food preserver mechanically creates a space when its lid is closed maintaining the nutrients, taste and freshness of food. It utilizes an inbuilt pump which silently takes away all the oxygen inside it which restricts the growth and multiplication of microorganisms and also tapers down the oxidation of food items like bread, fruits and vegetables. Food stored in the Food Preserving Storage Chamber remains fresh for up to three weeks with the simple press of a button.

The chamber is able to maintain 16mbar, which is the ideal pressure level for conserving food items. It is also able to cut down moisture levels in the air which discourages the growth of mold. When one wants to remove food from the chamber, it only takes the pressing of a button which is vacuum-released and the lid can be lifted. The Food Preserver is large enough to hold a full loaf of bread and is powered with AC or four batteries.

Keep your food fresher, longer get your Food Preserving Storage Chamber today.

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