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Gummi Camera Phone Lenses

Gummi Camera Phone Lenses

Nowadays, almost any cellphone you see has a built in camera. But does it have the power to add efects to the pictures taken? This kit will do the job. It fits any camera phone, they are easy to use and are completely re-usable. Add the gum with a ring onto your lens and enjoy effects like wide-angle, soft focus, kaleidoscopic and stretched effects.

* Gummi Camera phone lenses.
* Take pictures on your camera phone through a distorting lens for fun effects.
* Attaches to camera with a soft Gummi "attachment" (non-permanent, non-damaging, can be used over and over).
* Set of three comes with one lens of each:
* Vignette lens (frame your subject in soft focus - great for portraits).
* Kaleidoscope lens (change what you see into 6 images).
* Stretch lens (distort objects making them fatter or thinner).
* Size: 2 x 2 x 1.5cm (each lens)

Sorry this gadget is no longer avaliable.

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