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Heated Mattress Pad

Heated Mattress Pad

Staying warm in the dead of winter can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you are trying to save money by not turning the furnace up too high. One device that might help you stay warm and cuddly at night is a Heated Mattress Pad. Covering your bed with one of these will not only keep you warm but will give you something soft and comfortable to sleep on as well.

This particular Heated Mattress Pad has earned a high quality rating from several sellers due to its comfort and heating technology. It has extremely consistent warming only deviating from its set temperature by o.13 degrees. It also features a patented saftety system that gives you peace of mind while you sleep since it monitors the voltage, current, and circuit board so you don't have to worry about electrical malfunctions. Its automatic shut-off will turn the mattress pad off after ten hours of use.

This Heated Mattress Pad is designed with a 200 thread count cover along with thick inner padding make it extremely comfortable to sleep on. And unlike other heated mattress pads you won't even notice it has wires running through it unless you are really feeling for them. For added comfort, the queen and king size mattress pad come with dual LCD controls so if you and your partner have different comfort levels you can set your own personal sleeping temperature.

Stay warm this winter without spending a lot on your gas furnace with a Heated mattress Pad.

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