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Indoor Palmsize Micro RC Helicopter

Indoor Palmsize Micro RC Helicopter

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it sounds like a giant insect! What is that little thing flying around your living room? Well if you purchase this amazing new toy you'll know exactly what it is, it's the Palmsize Micro Copter. The Palmsize Micro Copter will add hours of enjoyment to your day no matter what your age. Smaller than any remote controlled helicopter before it, you'll want to spend hours zooming it around your home or your office. It can be flown outdoors but only under zero wind conditions. Made of EPP foam this tiny airborne device is incredibly durable.

We have several here at GadgetFind and we know from first hand experience these little things are very tough and durable. We have flown it into walls, crashed it into the floor, even into each other, and the little copter keeps on soaring.

Unlike most R/C helicopters, this tiny palmsize copter is always moving forward. After a few days of practice you'll be able to fly it nicely by controlling the hover height and right or left turns. Running on 6AA batteries the remote control unit also acts as a battery charger of the tiny battery inside the helicopter. It takes about 15 minutes to charge giving it about 5-7 minutes of flying time.

We have found it does a take a little practice to get the hang of flying the Palmsize Micro Copter, but we have enjoyed every minute of it. And we think you will to.

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