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iPhone and iPad Virtual Keyboard

iPhone and iPad Virtual Keyboard

Now, this is sheer genius. It must have been designed with a true iPad and iPhone user! This product is great for laptops, iPhones and iPads alike. This device turns any flat surface into a fully functional keyboard. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard connects via USB which means there are no drivers to install. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista 7 and, of course Mac! It has 150 minutes of battery life. The Virtual Keyboard works best on flat opaque surfaces but provides the user a convenient way to type on an otherwise more challenging device!

Simply plug into your USB port and off you go! The keyboard looks very similar to a regular full-sized keyboard used with desktop and laptop computers. This is great for those who are addicted to their iPhones and iPads but suffer from fat finger syndrome! Sometimes using your thumbs is a lot harder than it should be. Hitting all the wrong keys and buttons can make for an embarrassing text or email! Take the burden off with this cool new product!

Make the use of your iPad and iPhone more convenient with this cool gadget!

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