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miFlower Animated MP3 Speaker & Clock

miFlower Animated MP3 Speaker & Clock

It seems that everyone in this country has the desire to be unique. Whether it's their clothing style, hair style, or electronic accessories, no one wants to be just like someone else. If you're one of those people looking for something unique, you might want to try the miFlower for your iPod.

Spice up any room with this colorful flower that will never need to be watered and won't just sit in the corner unnoticed. The miFlower is a fun device that will play back music when connected to an iPod or other music player. Not only does it play music, but provides you with a colorful display and entertainment as well.

The miFlower will play your favorite tunes through its built in speaker while simultaneously waving its two leaves and six petals with colorful flashing LED lights. It also features an LCD face with several happy expressions. Something else that makes it unique G

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