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Not just for music and videos anymore, the iPod can now be used to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, recorded directly from the source. That's right, this handy gadget, the iRecord, allows you to record shows and video from any video device including DVD players, cable boxes, or TV's, directly to your iPod. There's no need to first record your show then transfer it to your computer and then download it a third time to your iPod.

The iRecord video ripper connects directly to your video source with standard video and audio outputs. Your iPod connects directly to the iRecord via the USB port. When your favorite show or movie is playing, simply push the iRecord's red button and video is encoded and downloaded instantly to your iPod. And if you're not ready to watch on your iPod, you can store your recording on any USB-based device connected to the iRecord.

Although it will not record directly to and iPhone or iPod touch, you can still upload to iTunes through the iRecord to get your movies or TV show. For fast and easy iPod recording get the iRecord now.

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