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Magic Wallet Set

Magic Wallet Set

Just picture it; you are walking through a crowded street, there are people everywhere, it is shoulder to shoulder traffic. You've got your wallet safely tucked away in your back pocket, or so you think. Unfortunately, that wallet you have had for most of your life is not only big and bulky, but it has also molded itself to the back pocket of your jeans. What began simply as your wallet in your back pocket has become a giant 'STEAL ME' sign that even an inexperienced pick pocket is sure to see. Not only is it a bulls eye for theft, it's also unsightly. If your back pocket looks like your wallet is there, even when it's not, you have a problem.

So you need a wallet that not only holds everything you need it to, but in a way that still allows it to remain slim, fitting in your pocket easily and inconspicuously. Luckily, the makers of the Magic Wallet Set have people like you in mind. It is slim and stylish, it is made from top grain leather, and it can hold up to 20 items in its 4 credit card compartments, as well as an extra outer window pocket. We did mention it was a set, so you not only receive a black wallet, but a brown one as well, for those times when you just need a little change from the norm. It is only 4.25" x 2.75" and .25Gǥ thick, so it fits easily into any pocket.

All you have to do is place any flat object into the wallet, such as money or a credit card, then just close it shut. The item is magically grabbed, and when you open it back up, the item is secured behind 2 strong elastic straps. Turn it upside down, shake it around, nothing will fall out of your wallet ever again!

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