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Mind Molester

Mind Molester

For those of you who work in an office, sitting behind a desk all day or being stowed away in a cubicle can probably get a little mundane and monotonous. So liven up your office space and start a fun game of hide-and-seek with your co-workers with the Mind Molester. Depending on the people you work with, this creative little device will either be a fun practical joke or a way to get back at your most annoying colleagues. The Mind Molester is an electronic device that you simply connect to a 9-volt battery. Then hide it in an un-suspecting, hard to find location. Every three minutes the Mind Molester emits a one-second chirp that can be heard but not easily tracked. You'll drive your co-workers crazy because due the chirp's short duration, its frequency, and the distinguishing sound, they will spend hours trying to locate it. And once they do locate it, they'll have no idea what it is, which will frustrate them even more. Your friends and colleagues will become obsessed waiting to hear the next chirp and find its location as quickly as possible. Once they've found it, use your imagination and find another great hiding place.

Do you need to liven up your work day a little, have some fun with the Mind Molester.

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