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Nerf Shootout Hoop

Nerf Shootout Hoop

You love to shoot hoops whenever you can, but what happens when you can't get to the gym or you can't use your outdoor hoop because it is raining or cold? Your problem will be solved when you have the Nerfoop 3-Point Shootout Hoop. This mini-Nerf NBA Hoop is small enough and soft enough to be used in almost any room of your house. Although it may not be regulation size it can still help you with your basketball shooting form and aim.

Simply clip the backboard to a piece of furniture or some solid surface, you probably want to steer clear of a shelf full of breakables, and establish your shooting area. Then with the three Nerf mini-basketballs you will be able to practice your shot all day long.

The Nerf Shootout Hoop is approximately 9 1/2 inches in diameter and comes with a backboard, hoop, net, two brackets, a backboard clip, and three basketballs. Featuring an NBA-themed backboard you will feel like a pro when you're shooting three pointers in your Nerfoop 3-Point Shootout Hoop.

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