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Pasta Timer

Pasta Timer

Pasta is one of those foods that needs to be cooked just right or its consistency and taste just aren't quite right. With the Perfect Pasta Timer you can get perfect pasta everytime you cook. No more undercooked chewy noodles or over cooked runny noodles you could eat with a spoon. This handy little time takes the guess work out of perfect pasta.

Equipped with an easy to read LCD control panel, the Perfect Paster Timer can be programmed to the type and amount of pasta you are planning to cook. When its time to start cooking simply input the type of pasta you're cooking, choosing from a list of the ten most common. Then pick you amount, 1/5, 1/2, or 1 pound and your preferred tast, al dente or regular. The timer will then set itself based on your preferences and will beep when your pasta if perfect.

The Perfect Pasta Timer clips to the side of your pasta pot with an 8 1/2 inch probe that monitors the water temperature. And when it senses your pasta has reached its peak doneness it beeps. The LCD is removeable for easy cleaning of the probe.

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