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Computer Control Knob

Computer Control Knob

Enjoy the ease of controlling many of your computer's functions with the push of a button or the turn of a single knob with this Programmable Control Knob. The Powermate Control Knob looks like a large volume control knob and can act like one too. Simply plug the knob into your PC or Mac via the USB port and you have a handy volume control knob as well as a mute button.

However functioning as a volume control is just the beginning of the Powermate Control Knob's capabilities. It can be easily programmed to work with almost any application on your computer as long as that application has key-command combinations that are controlled by your keyboard. So when you're scrolling through a long document or webpage you can use the control knob to move the document up and down. And with a spin of the knob you'll see the document scroll to the bottom in seconds. When you're ready to save a document you can program the knob to save by pushing its button.

The Programmable Control Knob is also great for using with movie editing software. This knob works with iMovie and FinalCut Pro and acts as a jog or shuttle wheel for scrolling through footage and the button helps you cut out unwanted pieces.

With its integrated button and pulsing blue glow, the Control Knob can be customized to fit your needs no matter what application you are using along with saving your customized settings. You can even use it as a remote power button for your computer.

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