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Slithery RC Snake

Slithery RC Snake

Real snakes, plastic snakes, rubber snakes, no matter what they are made of, the slithery, icky appearance of a snake can make many people scream. Now with this remote controlled snake you can make any one scream with wonder about how that snake is moving all on its own. The RC snake is over 29 inches long and moves with an amazing slithering action.

With the use of a cool remote control shaped like a snake egg, you can make the RC snake move in 4 different ways across any hard smooth surface. The snake also has creepy eyes that light up as it moves. The remote is battery operated and the snake comes in two cool styles including Banana Boa or Green Mamba. The slithery RC snake also comes with a 3 piece Jungle obstacle Course for you to maneuver through.

Get your slinky, slithery, RC Snake to scare your friends and siblings.

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