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LCD Remote Readout Scale

LCD Remote Readout Scale

Just when you thought your bathroom scale couldn't get any more advanced, we bring you the Remote Read Out Scale. Although it will not tell you your body mass or calculate how much water weight you have, the Remote Out Read Scale will allow you to see your weight without having to look down, or for some of us, try to look beyond that extra little pudge that might be in the way.

Constructed out of heavy-duty glass, the platform of this scale includes an electronic digital display which can be detached just like a remote. The remote can then be handheld or wall mounted for a more convenient way of viewing your weight. The stylish scale and remote feature an easy to read LCD display that also doubles as a wall clock and alarm when you're not admiring the number of pounds you have lost. Running on 2 AA batteries the infrared remote for the Remote Read Out Scale is also designed with a convenient automatic on/off function.

Just in time for the holidays, either as a gift or to monitor the weight you may or may not put on from all the holiday goodies, you'll want to get your Remote Read out Scale today.

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