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Most of us are not mechanics and do not always know what is wrong with our car when it starts making noise. And with the price of gas many of us are always curious if we are getting the best fuel efficiency out of our vehicle. If you can relate to either of these things and want to know more about the functionality of your car or truck you will want to get your hands on the Scanguage Automotive Computer.

The Scanguage is a fantastic gadget for any vehicle or for any driver who wants to know information about their car without paying a mechanic to figure it out. It is a digital guage that tells you everything you want to know about your car from fuel economy to engine speed, temperature, even engine trouble codes. The Automotive Computer will also give you complete information about a trip including distance traveled and average speed.

Scanguage is not only handy, it is also very easy to install. It connects to a diagnostic OBD-II component found under the dash of the car as long as the vehicle is newer than a 1996 model. After the cord is connected to the engine you simply plug it into the little computer that easily mounts to your dash. It doesn't require any batteries as it runs off the car's engine and automatically turns off and on with the running of the car.

Several buttons on the Scanguage Computer allow you to use the on-screen menu to toggle between fuel economy readings, battery voltage, and scanning the engine for trouble codes. This handy device also gives you the ability to clear the check engine light and other warnings after you have found and fixed the problem. Setting the computer to fit your needs is simple too by changing the backlight color and brightness along with the contrast and update rate.

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