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Soap Genie Automatic Dispenser

Soap Genie Automatic Dispenser

Keep everyone in your family clean and germ-free and keep your bathroom clean at the same time with the Soap Genie. The Soap Genie is another innovative gadget for the home from our friends at Sharper Image. This handy device is a drip-free, automatic soap dispenser with some fun built-in features. Using an infrared sensor the Soap Genie will automatically activate and dispense a selected amount of soap whenever someone's hand reaches under the spout. It has a dollop-size selector on the front to accommodate different sizes of hands and messes. And its no-drip feature keeps your sink clean and reduces the amount of soap that is wasted. It is easy to re-fill with its big opening on the top.

The Soap Genie is fun and easy to use for kids, too. They will especially love the little chime that sounds whenever they reach for soap. It works great as a way to motivate kids to wash and moms like it because they can hear if the kids really did wash or not. The chime feature can be shut off as well. The Soap Genie looks great in any bathroom with its sleek, space-saving design. And it comes in two different sizes, the 12 oz. which is 71/2 inches tall and the 24 oz model which is 8 inches tall. The smaller model runs on 4 AAA batteries while the larger model requires 4 AA which will last for about a year. You can even choose between white or black so the Soap Genie will fit in to your bathroom d+

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