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Star Wars Lego Man Alarm Clock

Star Wars Lego Man Alarm Clock

Just when you thought Lego had exhausted all the models they could come up with, they come up with something practical as well as fun; a Star Wars Lego Man Alarm Clock. It boasts features like a snooze button on the character and a backlight function that comes on when the helmet wearing head is pushed down. It can move too; the character's arms and legs are posable.

No doubt about it, kids will also try to place Lego blocks they have on it so its like getting a whole other toy.Star Wars Lego Man Alarm Clock will delight kids who have been building up things using Lego blocks. Being woken up by a Lego man clock will be a daily morning treat. They are likely to want to start playing with it rather than hit the snooze button so it works for both kids and parents who have to struggle to get them up in the morning.

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