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Steering Wheel Speakerphone

Steering Wheel Speakerphone

Keeping your hands on the wheel while driving and talking on your cell phone has gotten easier, with this Steering Wheel Bluetooth speakerphone. Unlike other Bluetooth devices that require you to reach into other areas of the car to answer the phone, the Bluetooth speakerphone is conveniently located directly on the steering wheel so you can continue to drive even when answering a call.

The small, 3 inch gadget contains a microphone and two, 2-watt speakers that attach easily to your steering wheel making conversations effortless. The use of echo cancellation technologies and noise reduction allow for clear communication. Getting a call you don't want to take while driving? The Steering Wheel Bluetooth even has the capabilities to reject calls with the simple press of a button. Along with a volume, mute, and phone book button you can control every aspect of your cell phone without compromising your driving safety.

The Bluetooth speakerphone can be used by everyone in your family with the capability of being paired with eight different cell phones. It has 256 MB of memory, storing up to 600 phone numbers and allows for up to five hour of continuous phone time. A DC car adapter is included. For safe and convenient phone use while driving, get the must-have Steering Wheel Bluetooth speakerphone.

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