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Steinbach Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker

Steinbach Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker

Looking for a gift you are? Well if you're looking for a unique collectible you have come to the right place. Start a new tradition or add to an existing collection with the Steinbach Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker. Whether you or your loved one is a collector of nutcrackers or a Star Wars enthusiast, this is going to be a gift they will cherish forever.

Made by Steinbach of Germany, a popular name in nutcrackers for more than 125 years, the Yoda Nutcracker is a limited edition. It has been carefully handcrafted from European hardwoods and hand painted with unique details to portray the popular, distinguished character from the Star Wars saga. Featuring his walking staff and robe, Yoda stands about 9 -+" tall. To make your collection complete you'll want to check out the first in the series, Yoda's nemesis, the Darth Vader Nutcracker.

Buy one, you will. Go to this site, you must.

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