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MP3 Watch

MP3 Watch

In an era when everyone is hurried and constantly multi-tasking, evenour jewelry is starting to do more than one thing at a time. One company has successfully designed a watch that, if you can believe it,is an MP3 player as well. You won't have to carry your MP3 player inyour pocket or find a fashionable carrying case because this handsomewatch will allow you to have music right at your wrist. Not only is ita great MP3 player but it is a quality watch as well. It has CitizenQuartz movement, a silver dial and an adjustable leather strap. If youthink the outside is nice, you'll like the inside even better.Equipped with 256 MB of storage, 8.5 hours of music and an easy to useUSB interface. This watch can be worn to dinner, to the office, whileworking out, or out with friends, and you'll never be without the houror the hottest tunes. The MP3 watch also has a built-in Li-Ion polymerbattery, which will play for 10 hours before needing to be charged.

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