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The Naztech mini keyboard is perfect for your Apple iPad. It connects by Bluetooth technology and works great.
See who is calling even while your phone is in your pocket with this cool looking watch that vibrates to notify you of a call or text.
Avoid accidents by keeping your hands and eyes on the wheel using this handy Bluetooth gadget that attaches right to your steering wheel.
Here is the ideal speakerphone for your vehicle, clip it on your sun-visor and you have a handsfree speakerphone.
This small lightweight headset fits in either ear and weighs less than an ounce. This is a great Bluetooth Headset.
Turn your radio into a speaker system for your cell phone. Even without the technology of Bluetooth you can talk on your phone handsfree.
The future is here with this virtual keyboard you can take anyway. Small, compact, and major high tech!!

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