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Here is a spy camera which nobody will notice. It looks like an ordinary but nothing could be further from the truth.

Create your own HD video while skiing down your favorite slope with camera goggles.

With wireless cameras becoming more and more common search them out with this spy gadget!
Your vacation pictures will be the most memorable ever when you can take pictures of everything including the coral and fish underwater with this great camcorder
This camera has all the same mechanics as a regular digital camera but comes equipped with a durable outer shell and easy to read instructions
If you love spending time outdoors especially at night you will be able to see in the dark as well as take digital photos with this interesting gadget.
Take fascinating underwater pictures while snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming while wearing this swim mask with a built in camera
Whether spying, needing a quick video, or taping a lecture, no one will notice the camera rolling on this stylish watch.
This quality 2.4 Ghz spy camera comes with everything you need in order ot mount it on to your rc helicopter.
The small, compact, go-anywhere Hero 3 Digital Camera allows you to capture all of your unforgettable adventures.
Check out this all weather digital camera. Take it snorkeling, skiing, to the beach, and wherever you go.
This cuddly looking teddy bear is not your ordinary stuff animal. It is a hidden camera to monitor your new born.
Capture high quality pictures and movies with this small digital camera featuring a large LCD and lots more.
This awesome spy camera looks just like a Zippo lighter. Nobody will ever know. Holds over 300 pictures!

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