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This is no ordinary alarm clock. You have to shoot the bulls eye before it will turn off.
Wake up from the dark side in a fun way with this alarm clock that combines two childhood favorites, Star Wars and Legos.
You will never need batteries and will not use electricity either when you have this cool clock that runs on liquids including water, soda, or even beer
Looking for an alarm clock that is reliable and stylish then this is the gadget for you. Dock your iPad and use its app to wake you up with your favorite music
Don't wake up annoyed again with this handy clock radio that plays all your favorite tunes instead of waking up to that persistent buzzing!
Now this alarm clock will get you going in the morning. You must complete the puzzle to turn it off.
Having a hard time getting up in the morning? This handy flying alarm clock can wake up even the most sound sleeper.
This crazy little gadget is a speaker and clock which gooves with the music. Plug it into your iPod or other audio device.
This is not your ordinary alarm clock. Its wakes you gradually and gently for a more refreshing morning.
This cool clock not only tells you the time. It forecasts the weather and more.
This unique clock plays the classic game of pong and the score represents the time. Great for bars and game rooms.

This cool little clocks runs on good old H20. Actually it will run on just about any liquid!

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