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If you're tired of watching the same movies in the car you need this TV Tuner to connect to your favorite TV shows instead.

Working all day on a computer can cause harmful stress and strain on your eyes but these glasses filter out the bad and keep your retinas healthy
This microscope captures digital images and transmits them to your computer allowing you to get a closer look at all kinds of tiny objects
This handy computer for your car or truck monitors fuel economy and all the inner workings of your engine. It will even tell you what might be wrong with your vehicle.
Great for college kids with nosy roommates, the laptop safe attaches to a desk or wall to protect the information on the laptop as well as the computer itself.
Everyone wants to save some money on energy costs. With this Low-Energy Computer you can save some money and be friendly to the environment.
This laptop is more than just a laptop. Its more than a toy as well. Its a high tech learning device!
Want your Powerbook to stand from the crowd? Check out this view cool mod.
These are no ordinary speakers. These are Pig Speakers. Control them by turning its tail!
This silly little gadget is sure to catch some peoples attention. Attach it to your laptop or computer and wait!
Check out this tiny computer which runs Windows XP. The Dualcor cPC.
This tiny USB flash drive has 8 full GB of storage. That is a lot space for a device this small.
This is a DIY kit which shows you how to setup Windows Media Center for your car.
Use this cool gadget to control your Mac from your cell phone. Send a MMS and shut it down.

This cheap laptop is self powered and was designed at MIT Media Lab.

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