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Keep your iPod Shuffle looking like new by protecting it with this handy case that still allows easy access to the controls.

Playing sports or swimming in the pool you can control your iPod easily and from a safe distance with this wearable iPod Sport Remote
Kids will love bath time when they can listent to their favorite songs on this floating wireless iPod dock with volume and sound controls
We all remember the favorite beloved toy called the Etch A Sketch. Now you can have one for your iPod.
Forget trying to watch movies and video on that tiny ipod or iphone screen. This cool gadget uses LCD technology that makes those images larger.
This handy little projector runs on batteries and can be taken anywhere, so you can display videos from almost all of your electronic devices on the big screen
Gather your family and friends around to watch you favorite downloaded videos on your iPhone without having to crowd around the tiny screen with this cool gadget
Slide your iPhone or iPod into this little console, download the free pinball app and you will be ready for hours of pinball fun
If you have a Smartphone and are grossed out by all the germs that gather on it from its constant use then get this gadget that cleans it using ultra violet technology
Reduce your number of remotes and control all of your devices solely from your iPhone or iPod Touch when you have this device and the free app.
Whether its vinyl records or old cassette tapes that you have you can convert all of your favorite old music to an MP3 file for your iPod
Just when you thought an iPod could not be loaded with any more cool features, this amazing little iPod with a touchscreen proves that it can fulfill all your music needs
Your iPod or MP3 music will sound great coming from this suprisingly small pop up capsule speaker with bass boost.
Keep your ipod and MP3 secure and cords organized while you run or walk in the pockets of this shoulder strap.
This new small and eye catching way to listen to your iPod is easy to transport and small enough to fit in your pocket. You will be amazed by its sound.
When you are far from home without a charger for your iPhone you will be happy you have this fashionable looking gadget.
The iRecord is handy gadget that takes your favorite TV shows and movies directly from the source to your iPod. No more messing with uploading to your computer first.
Do you wish you could be the lead singer in all of your favorite songs. With the cool iPod gadget you have a karaoke machine at your fingertips.
Keep your ears warm without having to give up your headphones. This beanie has built in speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes in the cold!
Track your workouts with the iPod sensor that fits in your shoe and sends data to your iPod. Then transfer data to your computer to view workout results.
Are your hands always busy and you can't change the volume on your iPod? You need the voice activated Voice Command iPod Controller
Don't wake up annoyed again with this handy clock radio that plays all your favorite tunes instead of waking up to that persistent buzzing!
Bring your favorite tunes right into the pool. Plug your audio device into the wireless transmitter and this floating speaker brings the music right to you!
With the Bose Portable SoundDock you can listen to your favorite music right off your iPod and take it with you wherever you go.

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