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Here is the prefect light for your bike. It is from Rosewill is USB powered and uses LED lights.
This LED device from Tec Toys is sure to get everybodys attention. Make your very own LED art.
Play this age old game any time of the day or night since its bright LED lights will help you see them up to 100 meters away.
The super bright LED bulbs in this lamp will light up everything on your desk and is powered by your computer via the USB port.
Reading in bed can be a pain, but this LED light will pinpoint and light up each page of your book without getting in the way of turning the pages.
Place it in the yard, the garden, or the flower bed, you will be able to see the big black numbers of this large thermometer from anywhere.
This pet gadget will keep you and your dog safe when walking after dark. The bright LED lights make you visible up to one thousand feet away.
Here is a great gift for you office or at home. The Deep Sea Jellyfish has realistic jellyfish which swim around.
They look like real candles but these are LED powered candles which you can actually blow out!!
Add an unique touch to your garden or flower bed with this solar powered glow crystal. Very cool!!
This cool gadget turns any normal faucet into a glowing blue fountain.
Computer equipped frisbee displays any message you like through a LED display.
These flashlights from Excalibur never need batteries or light bulbs. Simply shake the flashlight to charge.

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