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No more searching for the remote to turn the channel and the other remote to turn up the surround sound. Not matter how many devices you have this handy remote will control them all with the sound of your voice
Playing sports or swimming in the pool you can control your iPod easily and from a safe distance with this wearable iPod Sport Remote
Turn your TV into a PC and control it easily with this ergonomic and technologically advanced pointer that is just like a mouse only more convenient
Scare your friends and relatives with this amazing snake that slithers and sneaks wherever you direct it to.
This unique RC gadget is fun for little and big kids alike. With real-life action in the forks it is fun and functional
With an easy to read, detachable LCD remote, you do not even have to look down to see how much weight you have lost. This scale will look great in your bathroom.
Make it handy to turn your lamps off or on from almost anywhere in the house. Don't be groping in the dark for a switch just grab the Handy Switch
Control your TV and all your electronic devices with one remote control that you won't have to worry about losing. The Jumbo Remote makes everyone happy!

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