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Start a dance party anywhere with this cool little speaker that will fit in your palm. It's wireless, portable, and full of power.

If you are looking for a cool and unique way to amplifiy the sound on your iPhone then this is the gadget for you. A mixture of old age science and modern music technology.
By the pool or at a backyard barbeque this speaker allows you to listen to your favorite tunes without running any wires from inside
This MP3 speaker is unlike any other because you can play any type of audio device from almost anywhere and not worry about it getting damaged if wet
Water resistant and powered by the sun this iPod dock is great for listening to your favorite tunes outdoors. And you will be conserving energy
This attractive speaker is wireless allowing you to listen to your TV without distrurbing others in the room. It has great sound and even comes with headphones.
Be unique with this super cool speaker for you iPod or computer. It looks just like a full size band amp except smaller.
These super stylish multi-function speaker sets are great for iPods, MP3 players, cd players, and more.
This foldable desk is perfect for you laptop computer. It has built-in speakers and is completely powered by USB port.
Bring your favorite tunes right into the pool. Plug your audio device into the wireless transmitter and this floating speaker brings the music right to you!
This crazy little gadget is a speaker and clock which gooves with the music. Plug it into your iPod or other audio device.
Connect your iPod to the iSplash for booming sound on the beach, park, pool and more.
This comfortable pillow has two speakers built right into it so you can fall asleep listening to tunes!
This little gadget will take almost any material or object and turn it into a speaker. Walls, doors, tables.

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