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Just when you thought you could not plug one more thing into a USB port, this lunchbox came along keeping your lunch warm while you are on the phone or away from your desk

You will not believe all the fun things packed into this cute little USB device. Play games, listen to the radio, or watch internet TV by simply plugging it into your laptop
Here is the prefect light for your bike. It is from Rosewill is USB powered and uses LED lights.
Stay powered up on the road with this gadget which give you USB power by pluging into your car cigarette lighter.
This gadget allow you to backup and transfer all of your old cassettes tapes directly to your PC or Mac.
Never feel like you have to stay close to an outlet again to recharge all of your important gadgets when you can take a sun powered charger with you
Whether at the office of on the go never worry again about your favorite hot beverage losing its steam with this mug that can be plugged in.
One of the most unique flash drives you may ever see this one serves dual purposes, storing your data while providing a light
Whether documents, music, or pictures, take your data with you while being fashionable with this leather bracelet that doubles as a flash drive
The super bright LED bulbs in this lamp will light up everything on your desk and is powered by your computer via the USB port.
This microscope captures digital images and transmits them to your computer allowing you to get a closer look at all kinds of tiny objects
You can plug in all of your computer gadgets without having to switch which one is plugged into the USB port when you have this cute little guy to plug into.
This foldable desk is perfect for you laptop computer. It has built-in speakers and is completely powered by USB port.
This great USB turntable spins your old vinyl records and allows you to record them into new digital music.
Drive this USB remote control car around your home or office using your mouse. Event park in its own garage!
This small air conditioning unit is great when working on the computer when its hot out. Plugin to USB and stay cool.
This sweet gadget will convert records to MP3s. Hook it up to your PC using USB!
Check out this cool USB gadget. It is a pencil sharpener and it even has built-in flashing LEDs!!
Plug this microscope into a USB port on your computer and examine items upto 200 times their normal size.
Track 15 days worth of keyboard action with this USB Keylogger. No software to install. Simply plug in.
This tiny USB flash drive has 8 full GB of storage. That is a lot space for a device this small.

This conference phone is all setup and ready to be used with Skype. Check it out!

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