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USB Man Four Port USB Hub

USB Man Four Port USB Hub

Nearly every computer gadget or accessory you can get these days can be connected to your desktop via a USB port. And since the computer only comes equipped with a limited number of USB slots it can be beneficial to have other ways to hook-up your accessories. That's why you will love the USB Man 4-Port Hub.

This USB Hub will allow you to hook up 4 different gadgets or accessories and it looks cute too. The USB Man's arms and legs all extend to hands and feet that function as a usable USB port. He also comes with an AC power adaptor so not only will your gadgets be connected to your desktop but they'll be powered up as well.

The cute little USB Man Hub is very low-profile and won't take up a lot of space on your desk. Another neat feature is that the USB Man has a green 'heart' that lights up to let you know he's powering up.

Plug in all your computer gadgets without running out of space or having to switch back and forth between USB connections.

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