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USB Remote Control Car

USB Remote Control Car

This review can summed up in just two words, Totally Fun!

First of all the setup is mindlessly simple:

  • I took the Mini Garage out of the box and plugged the USB cable into my laptop.
  • I turned on the Mini Car and put it in the garage to charge.
  • I put the CD in that installs the controls into the CD player and clicked three buttons to complete the installation.
  • Done.

  • Literally less than 5 minutes, flawless and simple.

    Now being an impatient gadget guy (I'm the only one right) I wanted to try it out right away. I mean it had been charging for all of about three and a half minutes.... I was hoping it would run for 3 or 4 minutes just so I could get a feel, then I could charge it more for a full 'Test Drive' later.

    Almost 15 minutes later, remember on about 3 or 4 minutes of charging, I figured I better get down to writing about this totally fun gadget. I don't know how it charged so quickly but I was driving it all around the table. Now the table is pretty small and I wanted to see what kind of distance I could get. Well, I only had 15 feet of available space and I had the car going to every corner of the room! That's way more than you might expect from this little gadget.

    The on scrren controls are easy, there are 6 different directions on the mock steering wheel on your screen, 3 forward and 3 backward. Moving from direction to direction is smooth. You can quickly and easily move from one direction button to the other and the car transitions very smoothly.

    The best part is the sounds. You get engine sounds, different ones for each direction, screeching tires and all, and there's even a horn on the steering wheel. The sounds really add to the fun and authenticity.

    Also comes with Stickers so you can customize your Mini.

    This is a great gadget for an office or a kids room. In fact, I'm going to keep this one at my office. Totally Fun!

    Get it here

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