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Voice Command iPod Controller

Voice Command iPod Controller

Many of us like to listen to music from our iPod while working, cooking or doing other projects that require the use of our hands. And when the volume gets too loud or you just don't want to hear the next song it's hard to stop what you're doing to use the iPod controls. This problem has now been solved with the ingenious Voice Command iPod Controller.

This clever device allows you to control all the functions of your iPod completely hands-free. Simply attach the voice command controller to your shirt, collar, or lapel or hang it around your neck with the included neck strap. Then when your hands are busy all you need to do is give the basic verbal commands including play, stop, next track, previous track, volume up and down.

The Voice Command iPod Controller plugs into the dock connector on your iPod and also gains its power from your iPod so it doesn't require its own power source. The controller is made to recognize English commands but can be trained to be commanded in non-English languages as well.

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