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Gorcery List Manager

Gorcery List Manager

Having this handy Voice Recognition Grocery List Organizer can almost gaurantee that you will never forget what you need at the grocery store. It will also encourage you to write something down as soon as you realize you need it because rather than writing it down, all you need to do is speak directly to the machine.

That's right, the Voice Recognition Grocery Manager has a built-in microphone. And when you tell it what item you need it will search through its database of over 2500 items and store what you need on a list. Anything from food, beverages, beauty supplies, and office products will be recognized by the intergrated vocie recognition system. You can even tell it to add errands to your list if you need to stop at the bank or the library. When you're ready to go to the store simply print your list and everything you needs comes neatly organized in alphabetical order. Or if you want to be really organized you can customize the Grocery List Organizer so the product list corresponds with the layout of the store.

The Voice Recognition Grocery List Organizer comes with some other cool features as well. It is extremely specific and once a word is spoken it will show up on the easy to read LCD screen so you can confirm it is the correct item. If what you're looking for isn't already in the database you can easily add your favorites for a maximum capacity of 5,000 items. Need two separate lists? That can be done too!

You will feel organized and ready for grocery shopping next time you go when you have this innovative little gadget.

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