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Water-Powered Calculator

Water-Powered Calculator

In this day and age of "going green" and looking for alternative sources of energy, the makers of the water-powered calculator are on the path of cutting edge technology. Yes, it is true that solar powered calculators use less battery power, but they still require a battery back-up and that battery still needs to be replaced which causes unwanted waste. But with the water-powered calculator there is no waste and you can re-charge it straight from the tap.

It functions just like any pocket calculator, but can be filled with water or any other type of electrolytic liquid. Equipped with a fuel cell, the water inside the calculator creates a chemical reaction with the zinc anode and cathode. This chemical reaction causes an electrical current, and presto, you can solve all those mathematical equations! The water-powered calculator can calculate for up to a month on less than a cup of water.

So whether you need it for school, balancing your checkbook, or figuring out how much to tip your waiter, this water-powered calculator can be taken anywhere without fear of running out of power. Get this "green" calculator for your backpack, pocket or purse.

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