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If it makes you say, "What is that?", "What does it do?", or "Oh my, that's crazy", then it may also be described as weird. This is the place to find all those Weird Gadgets that might impress your friends or make a great gift for a co-worker.

Everyone wants a mug that will get noticed and when you start putting coffee in your camera lens people will definitely notice.

This compact lightbulb fits easily into your purse and wallet and can be taken anywhere to help shed a little light on any situation
This spy gadget is prefect for all of those secret messages you write and want to keep private.
This is no ordinary alarm clock. You have to shoot the bulls eye before it will turn off.
Here is a weird and unique gadget. It is a savings bank with a face which eats coins.
Up down and all around this fun watercraft can take you anywhere on land or water using a fan and a twin cylinder engine that can go up to 60 MPH
The geek in all of us will want to travel in time at some point and while you may not actually make it back to 1980 you can imagine with this replica
Looking for an extra burst of energy without having to drink a cup of coffee or another can of pop than these sweet or sour sugary tubes are just what you need
Our economy needs your help and these official looking checks may not allow you to spend but they will stimulate laughter.
Slip your fingers in this monkeys hands and let him fly. It is Super Simain - the screaming monkey slingshot!
If you are true gadget fan then you love popping the packing bubble wrap than your gadgets come in. Check this out.
Now this alarm clock will get you going in the morning. You must complete the puzzle to turn it off.
Looking for something for that special someone, one dozen embossed roses make a unique and memorable gift.
Check out this Star Wars fans!! Its the all mighty Yoda but he is a nutcracker. Great for the holidays.
Now here is a Christmas tree you won't see in your average house during the holidays!!
This t-shirt is definitely not your ordinary t-shirt. It has a sound sensitive graphic which beats with the music!!
Does the bird flu have you concerned? If so then don't miss this easy way to protect your entire family.
The Stunning Ring doubles as a personal protection device and sprays pepper spray on your command.
Everybody needs a copy of this book to help them out when a worst case scenario hits.
Are you into customize your car? Then do not miss these Tire Light. Very easy to install, just replace your value stem covers.
Check out this key chain. It has a real living plant in it. Don't forget to water it!
Need a new watch? Don't over look the Paris Hilton watch. Starting at only $100,000!

Have you been practicing your Chuck Norris moves? Then check out these designer karate jearns!

Have a headache? No fear just reach for your cufflink, open it, and there is an aspirin.

GadgetFind is your online source for some of the craziest and newest gadgets on the web. From awesome to odd and everything in between our Weird Gadgets section is sure to have just the thing you've been looking for.